Wednesday, February 1, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 1/14

Hi and welcome to HAS Shanea's "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome"!

This Valentine's season, we're going to dive deep into the heartbreaks of K-dramas. (Not everyone has a Valentine)

Have you ever watched a K-drama that had a love triangle and you really rooted for one guy, but it turned out another? Do you feel yourself getting mad at the lead actress for choosing the wrong guy? How about feeling broken hearted because the one you love is super heart broken? This is what is classified as "Second Lead Syndrome". I have a very severe case of "Second Lead Syndrome".. I tend to always fall for the second lead... And I fall for people who I think will be the second lead and find myself disappointed when they are the lead. I'm telling you, I should just be HAS 변태. Everyone loves an underdog, I guess. 

Well anyways for the next 14 days, I will be (at random) picking 14 of the worst cases I've experienced of Second Lead Syndrome. 

Today's pick to kick off this series is "Reply 1994"

Now, just for a disclaimer, I LOVED Trash. I really wanted them to be together.. However, I also found myself about dying at the fact that Chilbong did not get the girl. It was one of those cases where I liked them both, ya know?

I tend to always ship the best friends together, so naturally I was a huge Trash fan.. But they were really all best friends, weren't they?

But look at this angelic face...

He was so sweet and talented and he loved Na Jung so much... :(

For awhile there I really thought they were going to be together. Especially when she thought he was dead because of the department store collapsing. I almost died then but I really thought that was going to be a complete turning point for their relationship. 

And then this....

How sweet, right????

His face sticks in my mind when I think of how the lead actresses choose lead actors to love... Because there's wasn't just brushed off like alot of people's were. They actually addressed their relationship and she chose Trash.. And it was sad. 

NO. NO CRY. My heart broke into a million shattered little pieces. It was so sad. 

Did you watch "Reply 1994"? How did you feel about the Chilbong and Trash situation? Who did you root for?

Let me know! Happy 14 Day's of Second Lead Syndrome! I'll see ya tomorrow for the next segment!

--Hint. It's one of the most iconic Second Lead Syndrome cases in the world. --

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