Sunday, February 12, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 12/14

Hey there, lovelies! Welcome back to "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome" where I get down and under your skin by bringing back up all the kdrama heartbreaks. :D

But yesterday's still irritates me.

In case you missed it:

So today's isn't so irritating but it's a little sad. But then again it's okay because things worked out for him in the end. 

Todays is: "Playful Kiss"

Who didn't love Playful Kiss, right?

I actually did a drama review on this awhile back.

Speaking of this drama though.. Welcome back from the army Kim Hyun Joong!

Us here at HAS really missed you!

Back to the topic at hand.. 

Playful Kiss's second lead Bong Joon Gu... 

He was super smitten with Hani. And he was dorky and weird and quirky, but super adorable. And he faithfully stayed loyal to Hani all through high school regardless of how much she chased Seung Jo. 

And alas, he was turned down on many occasion by Hani... And she ended up with Seung Jo. 

But that's okay because everything worked out in the end for Joon Gu. 



This picture trips me out. 


Stay tuned for tomorrow's "Second Lead Syndrome"

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