Thursday, February 2, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 2/14

Welcome back to 14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome!

ICYMI: Day 1 of 14, Reply 1994.

Today's edition of "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome" is probably one of the most known and iconic cases of "Second Lead Syndrome" to this day. 

Anyone want to take a guess at what that is? Ohhhh, you're probably right. 

Today's "Second Lead Syndrome" is about "Boys Over Flowers".

"Boys Over Flowers'' Was one of the single-most iconic K-dramas to this day. Some believe the drama in itself is what really fueled the "Hallyu Wave". And they very well could be right. 

"Boys Over Flowers" as a whole was a drama MASTERPIECE. The characters were great and they picked the best suited actor for the role. There is no way you could have done "Boys Over Flowers" without any of the actors/actresses. The drama is usually most k-drama lovers first drama.. And usually the one that hooks you onto the whole "K-Drama scene"..

So if you've seen "Boys Over Flowers", like I hope you have. You will know the worst "Second Lead Syndrome" in the history of this world happened on this drama. 

This is mostly because of the fact that Ji Hoo's character himself, was one of the best characters in the drama. Even surpassing Jun-Pyo (who was played by Lee Min Ho).
Also it could be because he was played by Kim Hyun Joong also.. *shrug*

The "Second Lead Syndrome" was so bad in this drama, it really seemed like even the writers wanted her to actually be with Ji Hoo. They even went so far as to calling him her "soulmate".  But he was her "soulmate" that she couldn't be with...

Jan-Di and Ji-Hoo were an amazing couple. Along with him being a really sensitive and sweet guy, he loved her alot and she returned the favor but for some reason K-drama logic is that all girls end up with the bad guy. Now, given I did love Jun Pyo. I did. And I hate to admit I wanted them together. It's just so refreshing when a bad guy turns good, ya know?

But it would have made sense and even would have been equally okay if Jan Di ended up with Ji Hoo. Normally I am like, "Ya know, I have second lead syndrome.. But it just wouldn't be right if the lead ended up with anyone else." 

However, in this case... I think it totally would have been great if she ended up with Ji Hoo. I think their relationship could have been great and happy. Now I know she put all that effort into Jun Pyo but sometimes, ya gotta do what you gotta do right?

I wish someone would make a alternate ending of "Boys Over Flowers" so that everyone could see how great it could have been. 

What were your thoughts on "Boys "Over Flowers"? Did you find yourself having "Second Lead Syndrome"? Who did you ship? 

HAS KDQ has a severe case of "Second Lead Syndrome" and still hasn't recovered fully. She keeps watching the drama again hoping the ending will change. She's literally watched it 11 times. 
Poor woman. 
Poor everyone that watched this drama. 

We're here for you. If you need some counseling for your "Second Lead Syndrome" just email us @
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One of our drama professionals will assist you and guide you through your disease.  

The first step to recovery is admittance.

We love you.

-HAS Shanea(변태)


  1. I don't know what you are talking about. I have never watched this drama. Guess I should do that huh? ~KDQ