Friday, February 3, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 3/14

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome". 

In case you missed it, here is yesterday's edition:

While not as iconic as yesterday's, today's edition really hit me in the feels when I watched it. 

Today's feature is "Reply 1988"

If you can't tell, the "Reply" series is my absolute most favorite K-drama series in the whole world. 2nd is the "Flower Boy" series... but more on that later. 

This particular drama was that weird case I was telling you about on the first edition...

I actually said that I fall for the people who I think will be second leads and find myself disappointed when they turn out to be the lead. I know that's weird. 
There will actually be another edition later on that has this same thing...

But, yeah.. Let me explain...

Toward the beginning of this drama I fell for Taek super hard. I mean, it's Park Bo Gum, come on.. But, no really.. This drama threw a curveball. Taek was really quiet and always busy and she was always around Jung Hwan. I mean it was even to the point where she had a HUGE crush on Jung Hwan. 

After she started having that huge crush on him, I did too. He was so shy and so scared to make a move.. And when he finally confessed everyone thought it was a joke.. 

And THEN when he went to go meet her at the theater(I think.. or whatever that place was) Taek was already there by the time he got there. 


Want to get all your tears out this valentine's season?
That video above is the one for you. 

It just broke my heart. In this drama I went back and forth on who I wanted her to be with.. Though I definitely was not a Sunwoo fan. I loved his character and i love the actor, however, I just didn't want them together.. But as time went on i fell more and more in love with junghwan. 
How about you? How do you feel about it? Were you a Taek shipper through the whole drama or did you find yourself being confused and loving Junghwan?
I told you, I'm here for you. Second Lead Syndrome is no laughing matter. It's a condition full of tears, hurt, and betrayal by the lead actress. 
Email us at and we'll help you through this hard time. 
Or ya know, if you need drama recommendations or need to talk about any more of your kdrama diseases. 
We're here for you. 

We love you.

Good luck on your kdrama journeys and check back for multiple segments by different HAS members until February 14!

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