Sunday, February 5, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 5/14

Welcome back to day 5 of "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome"

Today's edition was a really hard one as I have so many feels for this drama yall... Its ridiculous. 

Today's pick is "You're Beautiful"

This drama was particularly hard because the "Second Lead Syndrome" went 2 ways! There wasn't just one second lead you fell in love with, you fell in love with 2. 

 Now, I'm going to tell you that I fell in love with both of them.... hard.... But my eternal love is Shin Woo

Shin Woo my hearteu.. He knew her secret far longer than anyone else did. Their chemisty was off the charts.. and he KEPT her secret and protected her the whole time... Guys... He was literally the perfect guy. You don't find guys like that often..... and she chose someone else. HOW?! HOW?! This is one of the dramas where I was very conflicted, but also I would have preferred if she would have been together with Shin Woo. Normally I like the drama regardless of who she ends up with.. and yeah, i liked Tae Kyung... But Shin Woo.. SHIN WOOOOOOOOO!

내 하트 </3

So then on the other side of the spectrum, you had Jeremy. 

My heart hurt for Jeremy also. Everyone loved Jeremy.. Mostly because he was so quirky and weird and sweet. So so sweet. When he thought she was still a guy, he was willing to accept the fact that she was a guy and that he loved a guy... But what he said he couldn't accept the fact that she liked Taekyung. With good reason, Jeremy, I can't accept it either. 

How sad, right?

Who did you want her to be with?

Shin Woo

I personally just really loved Shin Woo.
And again I really just have a soft spot for Yong Hwa...

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