Tuesday, February 7, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 7/14

Hey, there. I haven't seen you before. You new here? Well let me introduce myself. 
*Ahem* Hi, I'm HAS Shanea. I'm the creator of this little website here. *Hold on let me breathe, I'm nervous...*
You've stumbled upon my Valentine's series "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome". This series surrounds dramas and times where I felt so much love for the second lead. Unfortunately for you, you've entered at the midpoint of the series! Never fear, I'm here to help. 
Here's the list of the first half of the series!

So today we're on day 7! Officially the midpoint of this series!

And today I have a newer drama that I loved. And also the very mixed "Second Lead Syndrome" of it... 

Cinderella and Four Knights

And guys, this was an amazing drama. 
And if you're not watching it because it seems too much like "Boys Over Flowers" you need to cut that out... And watch it. Because I did the same thing. And I can tell you that it's really nothing like BoF.. Just saying..

So anyways, as you can imagine from even teasers of this drama... There is some serious "Second Lead Syndrome" going on.. And you can probably tell it's not just going to be about one person. That's true. 

So you have Hyun Min.. Who was the first to find this crazy chick.. And the one who basically started everything in the drama. Without him, this drama wouldn't have happened. 

He was really smart mouthed and funny, but his heart didn't belong to her in the first place. He had his heart set on someone else. 

But then there was Seo Woo...

I wish they would have expanded on his crush on Ha Won a little more. Because he was so sweet and always trying to protect her!

Thanks for reading up until now! Stick around and look at the other HAS member's Valentine's series!

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