Thursday, February 9, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 9/14

Hey there! Welcome back to day 9 of "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome"!

As always, HAS Shanea in the Hizz Houzz delivering you your daily dose of times we've gotten our hearts crushed by the lead actresses since we fell in love with the second lead. 

Yesterday's heartbreak:

Today's edition is an idol based drama... Which in my definition is a drama in which the leads are played by idols.. Which also means it's usually not an AMAZING drama... but it's still really good. It's no Goblin or Legend of the Blue Sea for sure....

However I do love the drama.. 


To the Beautiful You

This drama showcases Sulli before the media thought she was psycho... (I don't think she is, just for clarification)... but Sulli played a pretend dude.. and as you saw from my "You Are Beautiful" blog, that goes very well. :P

Well of course you know that Minho is amazing.. and I'm a huge Minho fan.. So I was rootin for mah boy!

However... Eun Gyeol was just too cute. 

Looooooook at that face!!

Him and Jae Hee were best friends and he (like Jeremy in You're Beautiful) thought that he was gay because he really liked her.. 

Usually I can shake off second leads.. In this case, I couldn't shake the fact that they just couldn't be together. I also root for the best friend relationships.. So like, Tae Joon didn't deserve her because he was a jerk at first. However he did know her secret and kept it...

Which just like in You're Beautiful, I respect that loyalty. So I'm okay with Tae Joon getting the girl.

I'll take Eun Gyeol.


-HAS Shanea

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