Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 11 of Hoppin Love

Can't believe we are already at day 11 !!! Since we are in the doubles I'm going to do a pair!!!  This one is kinda long because of it being two. I apologize.

The Woo Brothers 

In honor of Block B's new comeback Yesterday, I decided to do this duo. There are lots of hip hop duo's I could have done, but I've been wanting to do a Woo Tae Woon and Zico post for a while. Not to mention they are BOTH handsome men (to me). I'll talk about them as brothers first and then some individual facts. 

For those of you who haven't read any of my blogs (I talk about these two a lot) Woo Tae Woon is Zico's older brother. Zico has stated lots of times that when they were younger they were never close, but as they grow older they have found their common ground. Just about every show they have been on Zico will tell the same story over and over about how Tae Woon beat him over a thing of chicken, or how he (Taewoon) was very abusive with anger issues. Tae Woon will say "well if he would just do what I tell him and treat me like an older brother we wouldn't have this fight." He also has said on numerous of occasions that he always felt that Tae Woon has held him back because "when they were younger their parents would only let Zico do stuff if his brother did it first."With any siblings you are entitled to fight. Honestly what I think is they were two powerfully talented boys and just being boys. Maybe Zico likes to play victim cause he's the baby? I do that with my sister and I'm the baby. I blame my sister for anything and everything ya'll (poor big sis). I don't know I'm not them and I didn't live their life. Either way, these brothers I think will be around for a while. They seem to, for the most part, get along well now. And as life happens they seem to support each other.  


Zico's real name is Woo Ji Ho, and first began with the group Block B. If you don't know who they are I'm really disappointed in you... like really. He's not the only one of the group to branch out and do their own thing, but I think he's the only one from that group to branch out and succeed in doing his own thing. He's done shows like Show Me the Money, and Unpretty Rapstar, as a producer for both. He's had one pretty successful album that hit number 4 on the charts,( I enjoyed pretty much every song on there) and many hit singles. A lot of people think that I don't like Zico cause I tend to lean on the people around him. But that's kind of why I was excited to do this blog post. I love Zico He's got a great sound, killer beats, and writes a lot of his own stuff. I have mad respect for him. A lot of his singles are some of my FAVORITE songs out there: "I am you, you are me," "Boys and Girls," "Turtle Ship," "Say Yes or Not," "Bermuda Triangle" "Tough Cookie," "Okey Dokey." I get super excited when the guy drops a new single, or album. He ranks really high on my favorite Korean Rappers list and I could listen to his stuff on repeat for hours and by very happy. BUT I also believe that sometimes he gets too much hype from some people. He's good I love the guy, but for someone who shines so bright they don't leave a lot of room for others to shine. Here listen to Block B's new song!!!!!

Woo Tae Woon

Tae Woon's real name is Woo Ji Seok. He is my bias, you guys can probably already tell. Look at his smile ya'll. He's so cute and totally awkward sometimes. Not to mention born just 2 months older then me :) So I don't feel weird when I say he's cute. Tae Woon was first part of a group called Coed School. For sake of this being a really long post already I won't post their music. 
He was also the leader of a group called SPEED and at the time wrote two of their songs himself. "Don't tease me" and "Look at me now." He left the group in 2015 (I believe) some say because of some comments he posted about a female group and others say it was so he could focus on a solo career, either way I think they aren't as good now. 
But still people tend to forget about him. I feel so sad... He's a part of Doublekick Company right now. HERE'S A FUN FACT, he was actually supposed to debut with Block B,but moved on instead. He's also a part of the hip hop group called Royal Class some of their memebers include, Mino, Roydo, Chancey the Glow, Sims of Konquest, and Kitti B ( I like her). He was on Show me the Money 4, he was eliminated before making it to the live proformances and I litterally cried because he tried so hard. He tried again for Show Me the Money 5 and was eliminated 4rd round. I love him and a lot of the people I know who follow Korean Hip Hop really don't understand. I personally feel like with the right person to help and promote him, he could be GREAT. But I feel like because he loses so much that he doesn't have the confidence. He's so peaceful to listen to, and he tries so hard. I really breaks my heart that no one sees him. I SEE YOU BOO. Ya'll can say all you want but the boy is cute, in an awkward kind of way. I would marry the eff out of him YA'LL JUST DON'T KNOW. He's got this really deep raspy voice, with the flow like Zico.' 



I hope you guys learned a little about both of these guys. Again I apologize it's a long post, I get carried away with these two. THEY'RE SO GOOD!!!! ONLY THREE MORE who will they be. Stay tuned and see ;) 

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