Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 12 Hoppin Love

Okay guys it's Day 12 only TWO DAYS LEFT!!!! AHHHHHHH. But lets talk about today.


If you don't know who Vasco is, he's an underground "veteran." I personally think maybe he likes being underground. I first saw him on "Show Me the Money 3," but he was on 2 and 4 I think. (?) He never gets very far because Vasco has a ...mouth... on him. Vasco is known  for running that mouth too. He's pretty controversial to say the least. That being said, he's one of the most respected underground rappers. He's had a couple of "beefs" with idol rappers. But he will admit when one has talent. In a couple of interviews I've read about him he says that he thinks the Hip Hop/ Kpop Idols will die out soon and the Korean music industry will be a better place for it. I partially agree with some of what he's said in other interviews though. He has said that his frustration doesn't come from the idols themselves just the companies that put them in that position, because of their face, when they lack the real talent or skills to rap. With talent like Vasco's I can't really argue much with him, he does have a point. I do wish that companies would pick boys or girls for k pop rap positions who could actually rap before they were put in the positions. But he has also said that there is only two idols he respects, and I don't agree with that. I think there are a lot of idols out there that deserve a lot more credit from him. (see my idol post) 

Vasco talks about anything and everything he wants whether you agree with it or not. No filter. That's probably why he likes the underground so much. If you aren't a fan of rap music he's DEFINITLY not who you want to listen too. His lyrics are good, but they are ...risky... 19 and over is probably an understatement. I chose to only listen to him on occasion, but I've liked the stuff he's featured on, and some of his own stuff.

Thats it for today. Don't forget it's the last two days ;) ... I saved the best for last

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