Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 13 Hoppin Love

So today's post might be another long one, but I'll try to not say all I want to say. This person means a lot to me. His music knows how to get hurt me in places I didn't know I could hurt. They call him a lyrical genius. I just call him OPPA whether he's really my older brother or not. If I did have an older brother I'd want one like him. HAHA I'm rambling again. Sorry.....


Yes it's Tablo everyone. This man I can't begin to explain. So for those of you that don't know who Tablo is first I'd like to say .... really .... seriously .... you poor poor poor child ... let me learn you something. Tablo is the leader of a group called Epik High. They are a hip hop group under YG Entertainment. (Kinda) It concists of Mithra Jin, Tablo, and DJ Tukutz. I actaully didn't hear of Epik High tell after I begin my obession with Tablo. AND YES I WAS A FAN OF HIS WAY BEFORE RETURN OF SUPERMAN. 

I was in a really bad place in my life when stombling on his song Tide. Just to give you a little picture i'll give you some of the English translation of the lyrics. 

Snatch all goodness. Demand Righteousness. Mark for stright line with a bent ruler. Tell him to run. When it's walls all around. Pile bricks up on me and push me on. When you are a star. Because of the gorwn-ups wry wish, you become a metor. The fingers that handed you the spade scorn you. Saying that you dug your own grave. 
To some that may be confusing and not mean much, but at that time I was battling myself about what family and other thought of me. Not what I really thought of me. I felt like I was being judged for who they wanted me to be instead of who I was. This song just hit a nerve to me and I have loved him ever since. 

Some of you may know just as much about him (or more), but let me give you some of the facts that I know. Tablo grew up in Canada as Daniel Lee, Toronto I believe. Before he was in the rap scene he wanted to be a writer. He at the time was known for his short stories. He also had a hop as a casting director for some independent films in Hollywood. Tablo graduated from Stanford with a both a bachelor's and master's degree in English and Creative Writing. One day I read that he even wrote his own book called "Pieces of You", which is like his memoir. By far the saddest book I've ever read. So personal, I've read it ... twice... okay more then twice lol. Though I have not had the privledge to read his second book "BloNote" I probably will in the future now that the English translation is out. Here's pick exert of "Pieces of You" 
"My Heart was closed. Cold. 
I was self-conseious and cynical. 

These are the pieces of my youth, 
the small secrets and the not-so- great expectations
that defined my coming of age. 

But through this craft, through my love for writing, 
I dscovered a world outisde of the small windowless one 
I had built for Myself.
A world of softy spoken beauty. 

So here I am, chosing to kick away the ladder, 
so that I may remain at your side. 

I understand your solitude 
I see your shadow" - Tablo

Tablo also runs his own sub-lable called HIGHGRND where he takes in new indie artist such as Hyukoh. We won't talk about his radio or other things because that will take AGES.

Though he his cute ladies... he's also married and probably one of the most popular families in Korea.

And can we talk about how savage Haru is?

I'm just in love with him. Call me crazy, but he will forever by my long lost Korean OPPA lol. I could say so much more, but I'm trying to keep it sort. I can hear fans now "YOU CALL THIS SHORT?" This man just means the world to a lot of people and LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow for Valentine's Day make sure to ready who my sweet heart will be ;) 

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