Friday, February 3, 2017

DAY 3 of Bunny's hoppin lovers

We are back!!! The rest of this week is supposed to be a rain week, but we are here to brighten up your day. What better way to brighten it, but with a sunny love affair. Day 3 will bring us lot of rays cause today is.......

San E!!!!!!!! 

Ya'll I'm not going to lie every time I see him he got a girl catching feelings... And you know what happens to Bunnies in the spring time? 

I can't deal with him ya'll I really can't. Bunny gets thirsty and needs a water fountain. 

San E is a part of Brand New music. Honestly I love that company and a lot of my favorites come from them. I found out about Brand New when I saw Champagne and Candle 
Sadly theY never did anything else together, except for that one song( Good Vibes). (That I know of. They did do thing separate)  Because of them though I learned about San E and so much more. San E is from Atlanta, Georgia ...HEY HEY DIRTY SOUTH REPRESENT!!!!  and people say we don't grow our boy's fine.... OKAY so he was born in Korea and then grew up in the ATL THATS NOT THE POINT.  

San E was first apart of  JYP and released several singles, but never really made it high on the charts. He left with a warm heart, but with something to prove. His last album The Boy Who Cried Wolf I can listen to on repeat and be perfectly happy with my life. He has 3 Number 1 chart hits and several top 50. In 2013 &14 he won Song/Artist of the year. In 2016 he won Best Rap/Hip Hop award for Golden Disk Awards. 2010 was his "Rap Genius" Best Hip/Hop Song, and this year at the Seoul Music Awards he won R&B/ Ballad Award. 

San E is definitely here to stay ya'll. My hubby number two. Nothing else to say ... just look .. 

He's waiting on me now... I'M SORRY BOO I'M COMING ;) 

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