Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 4 of Hoppin lovers

Day 4 another day of Hip hop Sexiness.  Today is someone people may not know much about. He's kind of new. Kinda....


Giriboy is a newbie on my list. Again I watched him on Show Me the Money, but I like a lot of his collaborations and singles. He's a part of Just Music Entertainment which was recently started by Swings. His EP's and albums haven't done very well, with the exception of Sexual Perceptions which reached number 10, but he still has time. I personally think he's talented he just just needs a little time. To me as soon as I see his name I know it's going to be LLLLLLIIIIIIITTTT AF. He tends to work with most of the greats. He'll get there just keep trying boo.

Check him out. He's a good listen. Stay tuned tomorrow when we get a little ROUGH with it. I can't go easy on ya'll all the time. HAHAHA

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