Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DAY 7 Hoppin love

It's Day 7!!!!!! and you'll be in HEAVEN!!! Bunny has bars. Hahaha just kidding. Without further anticipation. INTRODUCING .......


Double K is a semi underground rapper. He is starting to grow more and more fame and with his release of OMG is how I really found out about him. He's actually been in the industry for a long time, but hasn't really made it main stream, and there isn't a lot of information on him out there. He's been nominated for several awards, but sadly hasn't won any of them yet that I know of.  I thought that some of you guys might not know who he is, and he's pretty hot. Double K got his name from his underground name Killa K (get it Double K.) He's actually growing on me and I like a lot of his features so I'm kinda hoping that he sticks around where I can see more of him. 

My favorite song by him is OMG ft Seo In Guk and Dok2

Stick around for day 8 to see who we got next on our sexy list of HOPPING love.

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