Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 8 Hoppin Love

DAY 8 Lets make it a date .....Let me introduce to you.....


I've talked about him in a previous post, but I think he warrants a post on all his own. His sound is his true color. He tends to stray away from the "trap" beats, and does his own thing. He usually raps to songs that are little softer and not as "hype" which I really like. I have said this to people before and this is just my opinion. I think there is a difference between hip hop and rap music. I think that rap music can be a little annoying sometimes. A lot of people are just putting words that rhyme together without really thinking about what they are saying then they put it to a "hard" beat and call it music. I think Hip hop is different. Hip Hop to me has soul, a story if you will. Most of what I call hip hop has a softer side. I may be wrong and you may not agree with me, but thats life. Beenzino brings out the Hip Hop love in me.  To me, you can't be all hype all the time. He's won awards like Best Lyrics/Verses, Featuring of the year, and single of the year. I believe you can understand what I mean. I really just like listening to him when I need to have a nice chill music in the back ground.  Just sit back in a relaxing chair surround yourself with some homework throw on his "12" album and study till you can't study anymore. 

But there is a problem. 

Yea....his girlfriend. Stefanie Michova the German Super model ....there goes my chances, but I actually think they make a cute couple. I wish the best for them, they're so cute. 

Here are a few of his songs :D 

Stay tuned for next week at number 9 :D

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