Friday, February 10, 2017

Day10 Hoppin love

On Day 10 we have another old school person. He might be older, but with age comes experience if you know what I mean 😏😏😏

Teddy Park

So do you like YG Entertainment? Then you should know this person. You can thank him for every song From BlackPink. 2ne1, G-dragon, Big Bang, CL,and Se7en, owe a lot of their credit to this man right here. He's a producing GENUIS. He was a part of YG when they were just a small little debuting hip hop company, not a global icon. He and Danny Im were one of the first ones to sign on with Y Entertainment. Needless to say he's been in the K-HIP HOP scene for a while. He fist signed on with 1TYM . Not going to lie BUMP TO IT "Old school style."  In 2016 he started the independent label THE BLACK LABEL which really is just a small label of YG.

Here's some of my favorites by 1TYM

The reason I know of him is he featured in the song Leaders with G-dragon and CL

I still listen to his older stuff, but that song was just like omg TURN UP..... 
But if you like songs like "Rose" from Lee Hi, "Whistle" from Black Pink, "The Baddest Female" from CL, "Better Together" from Se7en,  Taeyang's whole solo album, most all of 2ne1's songs, then you probably need to listen to him or even know who he is (if you don't already). in 2009 Teddy Park was named one of the top 10 Asian producers.  Guy works hard I'd say, and TALENTED!!!!

This has been Bunny with Day 10 of your Hoppin LOVES stay tuned tomorrow for a nice surprise. 😆😉😵😱

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