Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day2 of 14 days of hoppin love

Stop collaborate and listen Bunny's back with a brand new mission something grabs a hold of you tightly flows through your veins daily and nightly.....okay now that I've completely ruined that song for everyone lets get back to someone that will flow through your daily and nightly 😜. I might be a little clown myself, but today's love interest is my own special little clown. He's not Batman's arch nemesis. He's not someone that haunts your nightmares, unless you go up against him in a rap battle! He is none other then the one the only ..... *drum roll*


I've talked about him before, but look at him why would he not be on our hip hop loves. I first found out about Mad Clown when I was procrastinating during college exams....PERFECT TIMING. YouTube does that to people. I remember looking up videos on some of the fastest rappers and came along a video on Korea's fastest rappers. I don't remember the ranking, but I do remember him being on it. Next were videos of him on Show Me the Money, I know he didn't win that season, but I am watching the season on now season 5 where he's a producer. 

Sadly Mad Clown is married as of May 2016. You can look, but don't touch. 

Currently in Starship Entertainment, He has won best arist of the year in 2013 and 15, and best hip hop album in 2015 as well. 

Some of my favorite singles by him are :

Sour Grapes ft Sane E

Fire Ft Jinsil of Mad Soul Child



This comeback features Bolbbalgaan4. Honestly I haven't heard of her but it's a very peaceful sound and I like it. Angels in my ears ya'll angels.  Could this mean another mini album? Could this mean that The Clown isn't done yet? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! We'll just have to wait and see. 

Mad Clown is definitely the clown in all of our Khearts. I mean we all have a soft spot for joker....Heath Ledger joker... WHY SO SERIOUS!!!!

 His sound is one that can't be mistaken for someone else, and his unique lyrics have gotten him on the top of the charts multiple times. I have to admit he reminds me of Harry Potter with those glasses he always wears, BUT who doesn't love a little Daniel Radcliffe? ANYWAY!!  Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrows to see who bunny has up her sleeve. I'll give you a hint it's going to be a really SUNNY DAY!!!!

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