Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Number 1: Save Me BTS

Day 14 of 14 : Best Kpop Love Songs
 (According to Glo)



Today is the day. The day that you've been waiting for the last 14 days! Valentine's Day is here? Are you doing something fun? Are you hanging out with friends? Are you going to be with your Significant Other? What are you doing today? 

This is the end of this particular series. Until next February maybe? Yes? We'll see! 

We've talked about love a lot haven't we. We've talked about lovers, our parents, cheating, loving, meant to be, love at first sight and many others. One thing I haven't really talked about is friends. So today, for our final chapter we're talking about friends. 

Friends are ... well, they're just beyond incredible. They are our source. A lot of people have hundreds of friends out there, maybe even more. A lot of people have a very small circle of friends. It doesn't matter how many friends you have, the important thing is that you have friends. 

Where would we be without friends? 

A majority of us lost our parents when we were younger. Or perhaps, you just couldn't live with your parents anymore. Maybe you thought you could conquer the world at a young age and fail. Through all that, we turned to someone very close. Our own made up family. 

Our friends are part of us. Our lost pieces of our souls trying to connect back to each other again. Trying to find the lost pieces to become whole again. 

Asking for help is hard. Your pride gets in the way and won't let us ask for anything. We don't want people to believe that we're in need of anything. We lie to ourselves and say that everything is fine and that we can do it by ourselves. That's not true. 

Many times I had to ask for help from my friends. A few in particular. It was hard yes, because I felt like I was inconveniencing them too. But they didn't say anything of the sort. All they told me was, "If you need help again let me know." Also, "Will this be enough?" 

I have amazing friends. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it. I will forever Love my Friends. I wouldn't trade them for the world!!! 

I generally don't share any poems on any website because of fear that someone will take it and make it their's. When I was very young, I wrote a poem called Friendship. It's not the best poem out there. It's cute and get's to the point I believe. I hope that you enjoy it! 

Friendship - By Glo
He sits all alone,
No one by his side,
He’s now all full grown,
And no friend to guide…
He looks and he looks,
Having a hard time,
They give dirty looks,
(Sigh) as if he’s slime…
One day someone sees,
That he has despair,
She walks to the trees,
Where he sits and stares…
Says, “Hi what’s your name?
You look pretty down,
Want to play a game?
Maybe walk to town?”
“We could buy some chips,
And get sour cream,
The chips we will dip,
And sit by the stream”…
He beamed with full joy,
Knew he had a friend,
Someone to enjoy,
One he could defend…
“I’m happy for you,
You are very nice,
You saw me and knew,
You would share life’s prize…

This final song, Number 1 is Save Me by BTS! It is a love song, and it is directed to a girl. But think outside the box. It's talking about how she's the light. To hold their hand before they fall. To light up their deepest darkness. Friends do that for all of us. They reach out and helps us get up when we fall. They help us not to give up. They're our shoulder to cry on. They are our cheerleaders when we succeed. They get twinkles in their eyes when they see you happy. And, they back you up no matter what! Friends will be honest with you even if you're wrong. That's what they are there for. Friends help with lessening your burden. They will carry it with you because they love you. 


Enjoy this song by BTS and think of all the times your friends came through for you. How you made it this far because of your friends! It's a day of love. It's not just for couples, it's for everyone out there willing to spread the love. Spread the love and get new friends. Let's help each other and make this world the best it's ever been!!! 

Here are two videos. Their MV and their live performance! They're both awesome! 

Happy Valentine's Glosticks! 

Until we meet again! 

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