Sunday, February 5, 2017

Number 10 : You B2st

Day 5 of 14 : Best Kpop Love Songs 
(According to Glo)

How did your weekend go my dear Glosticks? 

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend immensely. 

This post will be for all those brave souls out there with shaking knees ready to confess their love! It takes a lot to confess your feelings to the person you like or are in love with. Many times have I let the opportunity pass by, because sometimes, I just don't think I'm good enough for anyone out there. Other times, I would say I like someone, and they would turn me down. It's going to happen. It's unavoidable. But the greatest thing from this that you can learn is, you did it, you ACTUALLY did it! I mean how great is that? The next time will be just as wrecking, but you know that you're living life and not hiding behind a door! 

This song is also for all those people who already have a person in their life but expressing feelings is hard although, that person is yours. I think it's harder to express your feelings when you're in a relationship, because if someone says, I Love You, and the other one doesn't respond, it can be very hard to overcome. Unless, of course, if that other person just needs a little bit more time! There's nothing wrong with that. 

I hope that you, yes YOU, who is trying to make a move towards your love will! Remember, it's ok to be turned out, maybe your other half is still out there somewhere. If you're certain she/he is the one, don't give up! 

Love makes people do crazy things, but I hope that you are safe, and careful! 

This song, number 10 You by my beloved B2st is just awesome. I wish there was a man in my life that would be this forth coming with his feeling. That would be a dream come true! For now, I will wait until such a person comes! Please enjoy this song, smile, and reminisce the great memories of when you did declare your feelings, and how great it turned out. (Also, just so you know, I love love love love Jun Hyung Oppa!!! Picture below.... hehehehhe) 

Have a fantastic start of your week Glosticks! I love you All!! =^.^= 

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