Friday, February 3, 2017

Number 12 : Fool Juniel Ft. Yong Hwa

Day 3 of 14: Best Kpop Love Songs 
(According to Glo)

Are you doing well this fine day? 

Hello Glosticks! I hope that you are doing magnificent. As said before, this next 11 days now are going to be a series of Best Kpop Love Songs according to me. Everyone has their own list and I do too! 

I know that this series started on the sad side of things, but true love does tend to hurt. All in all, we have all had at least one crush, whether it was an Idol, Actor, Superhero, Anime character, or the boy/girl next door. Love doesn't give us a heads up, it's leaves us breathless as we're sitting on the ground dumbfounded wondering what's going on. 

You start by getting the giggles anytime you hear their name, or remember them glancing your way. You get shy when you're around them, and sometimes even clumsy. It's ok, everyone has gone through it. I have way too many times. 

When I was younger, I had the biggest crush on this guy from church. No, no, I won't tell you his name, he might read this (probably not). Anyways, BIGGEST crush of my life right, and not to mention, the longest too. It was ridiculous. When I around him, all I could think was, I need to act and look perfect because then he'll notice me. He wasn't a, excuse my language, dick or douche. He was in fact extremely nice, but I wanted to be perfect. I became competitive so he would notice me. I tried doing my hair for him (which was really big, I hated my thick frizzy hair). 

Long story short, nothing happened between us, except that we became really good friends. I don't have a problem at all with that. 

This song, number 12 Fool by Juniel Feat. Yong Hwa is describing all these feelings. The clumsiness, the awkwardness and the shyness. and even the braveness of confessing your love to that one person. 

Fool is an amazing song about all the new feelings when love comes knocking at your door. I hope that as you listen to this song, you'll think of the time that you first saw your crush, and felt the butterflies flying in your stomach. Or the way your cheeks turned red whenever he/she spoke to you. 

Enjoy the song Glosticks and smile with me! =^.^=

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