Thursday, February 2, 2017

Number 13 : Gone Not Around Any Longer - Sistar19

Day 2 of 14: Best Kpop Love Songs 
(According to Glo) 

Glosticks, How are you? 

I hope your day went as amazing as mine. Nothing really out of the ordinary, just waiting for the weekend to come so I can relax! Not really, I'll be studying really hard for my certification exam and on Sunday, guess what? I'll be going back to Korean Church! I miss going there. There are amazing people there, and the homemade Korean food is no joke! It has been a year since I last attended because I have been working on the weekends a lot. So now that I don't work, Korean Church will be one of the things I get back into!

I believe that everyone (old enough to date that is) has gone through a break up of some kind. Whether your love just didn't last, or because your special someone was cheating on you, or because he/she decided to just give up. 

It's been a year since my last serious relationship, and not going to lie, it was the hardest to get over. I was so in love with this guy, everything was going great, then one day, he said, he just couldn't do "IT" anymore. It, I believed was myself, Maybe I just stopped being good enough, maybe I was turning ugly. Maybe I got too fat, and started growing warts. I don't know. I started doubting myself so much, and my self confidence plummeted. Once upon a time I walked with my head held high and didn't care what the world thought of me. It took a lot away from me. I lost myself with that relationship. 

Months later, I decided not to dwell on the bad and just keep looking forward. This would be a good learned lesson for the future. I had to repeat that to myself over and over again in order to proceed with life. I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I did without any of my amazing friends and family, whom I'm thankful for! 

This song, Gone Not Around Any Longer, really became my life for a couple of months. Every single line. How everything that once was there no longer was, and how I went to bed crying or woke up crying. How I couldn't come home and snuggle up to him. 

As you read this, you might be thinking, this happened to me. Know that it will be ok. Healing takes time, don't rush it. Also, know that you're not alone. Not a lot of people want to admit that they've been hurt, but know that I walked down a similar path! 

Because I know what it is to feel all alone, do feel free to contact me through my email at or you can contact me with instagram @glow_92 

I hope you enjoy listening to this song. Although quite sad, it's an amazing song! 

Until next time! 

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