Friday, February 10, 2017

Number 5: Be Mine - Infinite

Day 10 of 14 : Best Kpop Love Songs
 (According to Glo)

Dear Glosticks, I wish for all your happiness!!! ^.^ 

Ok, so I believe that the majority of us have had a time in our lives that we looked at someone and have witnessed all the difficulties they have experienced and think, "If you were with me, you wouldn't be in pain at all"? 

I know for a fact, that I've had that thought too many times. I've seen many friends getting hurt over and over again. Sometimes I wonder how I would do if I was born a guy. Would I know how to treat a lady/guy even if my parent's raised me right? 

We don't really know if we would be the same as we are now if our gender changed. It's too difficult to tell. Of course, everyone wants to believe that they will be the best BF/GF out there, who knows, you might be and you might not be. 

This song, number 5 Be Mine by Infinite is an amazing song. It's talking about how the just simply hate it when they see their loved one being hurt over and over again by different things in their relationship. He just want to make her His! His so that she will cry a little less, so that he will shield her from all the ugly stuff in the world. How if she was his, she wouldn't experience pain! 

I love this song. I want someone to sing this song to me. Be mine, be mine! ^.^ Maybe one day yes? 

Also, their dance is just awesome. Infinite will always be number one for their amazing synchronization skills. 

Please enjoy this great song as we're nearing Valentine's Day!

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