Thursday, February 9, 2017

Number 6: Day By Day HIGH4

Day 9 of 14 : Best Kpop Love Songs
 (According to Glo)

Hi Glosticks. It hasn't been long. Hopefully you're doing well? 

So, as I have shared before, I have gone through a few breakups. I believe a few of us have. 

The ones that hurt the worst, are the ones that you are for CERTAIN that they wouldn't hurt us no matter what. The part that got me is, I was so certain of that, that the hurt was like nothing I've experienced before. Those are the breakups that hurt the worst. The unexpected, out of nowhere, no longer love you breakups. 

Like I said, I've had my share. And it's sad, because it makes me fear future relationships to be honest. I'm afraid that once again, I won't be enough for someone. I'm afraid that once again, I'll fall short no matter how hard I've tried. I'm just afraid. To put a person through that, you gotta have balls, and a black hole of a heart. You can't put people through that and not feel a thing. 

This song, number 6 on our list, Day by Day by HIGH4 is talking about after the breakup. What a lot of people go through after they're separated. They go through stages of missing them, thinking constantly thinking about them and the memories. They keep dialing their number and then erasing. They keep writing text messages, but again, erasing them. You become depressed, your days go by without you noticing because you no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's all very sad, but one thing is, maybe it was a blessing in disguise? Maybe not. We will never know for sure why that person decided to give up on us after accomplishing so much together. I know, that I won't know. 

I hope that if you just need to cry and let it all out once and for all, this song with the lovely voices will give you that opportunity, so that you can hold your head high tomorrow and show them what they're missing! 

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