Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Number 7: A.D.T.O.Y 2PM

Day 8 of 14: Best Kpop Love Songs 
(According to Glo)

Hello Glosticks? How have you been so far? Me, well, I've just been dandy! Some stuff going on, but nothing bad. 

Show of hands, who here has fantasized about a crazy in love relationship? Flames going up high hot relationship? I have! Even though I'm not with that certain person now, the relationship was very, and I mean very hot! I love every second of it and therefore have no regrets. The past is the past, but right now, let's dig up some of it. 

Sometimes, it's not all bad to revisit the past. Specially when you've had good things going on with a certain someone. I found that after time, because wounds heal with time, I was able to think about all the things we did together and I wasn't affected as I had been when the wounds were still fresh. Now it's a memory. 

Our relationship was great to be honest. It was steamy, playful, and hot witty, and chill. We had everything in our relationship. Not everyone gets that lucky, and I'm glad that I did. 

This song, Number 7 ADTOY by 2PM is so freaking steamy! They're singing about how they fell in love with this girl and all of a sudden, they can't think straight, they're daydreaming and they're thinking about naughty things when she's touching them! ;) 

They're dance oh, boy, Is anything else feeling hot in here? I sure am. 

I'll make sure to be nice, and post the dance practice video on here, to make it easier to feast your eyes on wonderfulness! 

2PM, there are no ugly (not there is anyone else in the kpop world) they are still, on top of my list for the steamiest band out there. And they're still going strong. 

I hope you enjoy all the hotness in this blog today! 

You're Welcome! 

And the dance practice is down below! 

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