Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sexy Korea: Girls Edition, Part 5

Hey there, lovelies! With the end of my February series "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome" we're back to our regularly scheduled weekly dose of sexiness. 

In case you missed last time's. Since it's been awhile here's a reminder.

Last week's hint was:
*It's a girl and she's a girl group member and soloist. And she's super sexy AF!*

So today of course is the one... the only.. Sexy Queen. 


(And let me tell you how awkward it is sitting in your schools library that's full of people looking at sexy pictures of Hyuna...)
(Pretty sure they think I'm lesbian)
(Pretty sure they think I'm looking at lesbian porn)
(Oh. And apparently some of the computers are linked... So some of them can see what I'm downloading)
(So some people are going to see Sexy Hyuna today)
(They're welcome)

Now I'm exiting out this blog before I get in trouble. 

Plus no words are needed. Byeeee.

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