Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sub Units Bastarz

So the last sub unit (for now) I'd like to talk about is *BEOW BEOW BEOW*


Bastarz is a sub unit of Block B. For some reason I'm actually beginning to like them better. WHATS WITH THIS CRAZY TALK BUNNY. HOW CAN YOU STRAY AWAY FROM ZICO, PO, AND KYUNG? I will always love Block B, but these three just keep impressing me. I have had their singles on my repeat playlist for a while now. I LOVED their debut song Zero for Conduct. Make It Rain made me throwing the ones. I even liked Selfish and Beautiful Girl (the video was a little weird, but I liked the song.)

So the members are B-Bomb 



I've always been a huge fan of Block B. As SOON as I learned that PO was going to have more of a part in this group... WHERE DO I SIGN. yes I know that's a little bias but hey I can't help but love my mini TOP. I didn't know a lot about the other two considering PO and Zico where really the only ones I saw in the group, but I'm glad that I get to learn more about them now that they have this group.  Make it Rain came out 3 months ago and I'm still obsessed with it.  I MAKE IT RAIN AIN AIN... YAAAZZZZZ they better work it honey.

I can't wait for more from them! So hurry up fellas!!!

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