Friday, February 17, 2017

Sub Units High4 2 0

So there are some new-ish Sub Units going around lately and I've wanted to address some of them.
First on this list....

High4 20 

Okay so we are not talking about 4/20. NO ONE IS GETTING HIGH HERE TONIGHT........ *whisper* okay maybe, but keep it on the DL. ANTYWAY. (yes I spelled it like that for a reason.) High4 20 is a Hip Hop sub-unit made with Alex and Young Jun from High4. They recently about 3-4 months ago came out with two singles of their own. the first called Hookga. 

Not gonna lie this one has been my favorite and on repeat on my radio. It just really makes me want to get up and dance. I even added it to my work out list. (I've been naughty and not working out lately errrr don't hate me TOP) This song is just really catchy to me. It gets stuck in my head and I wind up singing it all day. AND IT HAS HWASA I think it may have talked about it in my collaborations post.  

A month after I think ... even though it came out fist. I found Weekend. 

Honestly it sounds like something Okasian would do. Ain't nothing wrong with Okasian or sounding like him in my opinon he's one of my favorite rappers to be honest. I like this one. It's a slower beat. It's like the Hookga is what you listen to, to get high, and Weekend is what you listen to after your too high to function. <.< not that I know what it's like to get high >.> I do not promote any of the getting high in the HAS. Drugs are bad.... annnnyyywayyy both of their songs are good songs and definitely worth the listen. 

I hope you like this one and stick around for some more Sub units :D 

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