Friday, February 24, 2017

Sub Units MOBB

Hey Bunny Back with another sub unit to check out. I know I'm late with these, but some of these came out before I was a writer for HAS and I feel like they need a little attention. Today is...


YG loves their subs ya'll. This one reminded me of when TOP and GD do their thing and pretty much just as crunk. I think they are by far my favorite sub out right now. OH INTRODUCTIONS. Well there's BOBBY of IKON * IKON IS COMING TO TOWN* 

We've talked about him before in our idol post. I love him so much he's so cute and he's got SKILLS... MURDERS THE BEAT. (my opinion)  
I also has MINO from Winner. 
I haven't really talked about MINO to much, but I personally think he's just as skilled as Bobby if not more. These two made a PHENOMENAL TEAM!! and if you haven't taken the time to watch them yet you need to!! :D 

I think I've said this, but both were on Show Me the Money. Winning for Illionaire team Bobby came through for us in season 3. Unfortunately MINO lost to Basick in seas 4, but it looks like he had fun with Zico and Paloalto.

I thought it was GENUIS to put these two together. MORE .... WE WANT MORE... PLEEEAAASSSEEE YG PLEASE!!!!

 <<< thats just them winning hip hop of the year award :o

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