Friday, March 10, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 10/30

1/3 of the way through already? Man, time flies. Really. 

Today is a long and extensive blog...
And a difficult one... 
And an indecisive one. 

Because today I tell my favorite Korean group(s) and the reasons behind them and why I can't just pick one.. And my bias of each. 

First off:

This group is in a category of their own because they aren't pop, but they're mainstream. And amazing. They're rock. 

That's DAY6. 

This group is new to the scene. And they've hit the world HARD. I am a sucker for a good Korean rock group. My love for CNBLUE is off the charts. However, DAY6 has now topped them. Crazy, I know. CNBLUE is still my love, but DAY6 has come at me and hit me hard. 

They've all got amazing voices and they showcase them all equally. Except the drummer Dowoon. He really doesn't showcase his voice. Just his mad drum skills and backup singing. 

Bias: Young K.

At first I was leaning more towards Sungjin. I mean, the vocals on that dude. And then I started leaning more towards Jae because well I'm a sucker for English speakers, I swear. And Jae is American. 

But then I found Young K. And my life has changed. This guy has the vocals of an angel. And the face of an angel. And the musical capability of an angel. And the rapping ability of an angel. Dude I just love this guy.

Next group:
One of my all-time favorite groups in history. 


Let me just put this out there... This group is breaking my heart, yall. I have loved U-Kiss since I first became a Kpop fan.. And they will always be near and dear to my heart. I didn't really care when Xander and Kibum left because I really didn't like Kibum for some reason and I just felt like Xander would do better outside of the group. *shrug* 

So then AJ and Hoon joined. 

Best thing possible for this group. 

Then the kicker came.... And broke everyone's heart. Dongho left. 

Our baby left. :'(

So then Jun came along. 

Cutest little guy EVER! He's so dang cute. And has got serious skills. 

So then Eli comes out with he's married and expecting a child. (who is really cute, btw)

Then AJ left. Which broke my heart again, btw. 

Then now as of recently they announced Kevin's departure. 

This group has been through some STUFF. 

Bias: Kiseop. For obvious reasons. 

Mainly because dude can go from adorable cute

 to sexy 

in a matter of milliseconds. 


Favorite Rookie group of ALL TIME.

NCT and all of it's subgroups except maybe Dream.

NCT in the HAS staff members lives, has hit us like a DUMPTRUCK! 

NCT is one of my favorite groups of all time and they just.....debuted.....not.....too.......long......ago....!

Their songs are unique, their concept is unique, and have you seen their faces?!

In this group, it's hard for me to pick a bias because I love almost everyone. Key word. Almost everyone. I'm still having trouble liking most of Dream's members and Doyoung. No offense to him as I love his voice, he's just at the bottom of my list of bias'. 

So if I had to choose: 
Bias: Taeil - his voice though. And his face though. 
Bias Wrecker: Taeyong - his voice though. His dancing skills though. His face though his FACE HIS FACE HIS FACE HIS FACE


Favorite Girl Group:


They're just the cutest ever and their songs are great! I just all around love TWICE. 

Bias: God that's hard.... Umm... Dahyun. Yeah, Dahyun. 


And definitely DEFINITELY NOT LEAST.... 


 I am going to say this now.. And I will say it again in the future. I LOVE K.A.R.D.... Co-ed groups just haven't really worked in the Kpop world for awhile which was a shame because Co-ed school was great. 

But K.A.R.D is a league of their own. 

And I need HELP!

Guys, I have fallen head over heels with BM. 

And I'm not even exaggerating. When I say head over heels I mean it. I don't know if I have ever liked someone so much in my life. When you think of Shanea's ideal type, BM fits it to the TEE! 

Sorry Kim Jong Kook. I'm so sorry this gorgeous tall guy has come in and wrecked our 7 year bias relationship... But to me, this guy is irresistible. 

I am a sucker for tall guys. Forreal.

And I really just kinda wanna hang out with him.. He seems super cool. 

So Matthew if you're out there reading this. HMU. I may think you're super gorgeous but I will settle for being friends. Just letting you know. 

P.S. I appreciate your body rolls.

Sincerely, HAS Shanea. 

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