Tuesday, March 14, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 14/30

Things I love: Youtubers

So one of my favorite things in the world are Youtubers. Because they are always just so funny and entertaining. But they're also like really real and down to earth compared to alot of people. At least the ones I like anyways. 

Simon and Martina were one of my first favorite youtubers post-kpop. I started watching them about 8 years ago when they had the really old videos and just kinda documented life in Korea. Then they expanded into eatyourkimchi and then now eatyoursushi since they are currently living in Japan. They're just so cool and funny and they brighten up anyone's bad day. 

Ryan Higa (NigaHiga) was my first Youtube love EVER. I grew up watching this dork and still remember the first video I ever saw was the milk and cereal one... And he was so lame. HAHAHAA. Still lame, just alot cuter. Growing up, I swore I was going to marry him. I'm a sucker for goofy guys, you see. And he obviously fits that category like he made it himself. 

 (Aren't we all)

This goofball is just exactly that. A goofball. He does reactions and other things on Youtube. And his body rolls are life!


I feel like Kenny is very underrated. He deserves so much more publicity than he has now. He's goofy, he's CRAZY, and very entertaining. Much love for Kenny. 


I love dance covers. Probably because I really wish I had the dedication and body to do dance covers. If I did, I would. And yall would all die at how sexy I could be. HAHA. No really, though Heather is my favorite Cover Dancer on Youtube. She puts so much time and effort into her dances and really perfects them. 

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