Saturday, March 18, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 18/30

Things I HATE: Close-mindedness 

I'm far from normal guys. And this irritates me to my bone. 

I believe it's great to always keep an open mind. Religion is a different story. Like I'm not going to convert to your religion because i'm "Open minded". People need to stop taking "Open-minded" out of context. 

Being open minded, means that you're good at listening and learning. It's also about stepping outside of the normal to possibly find something great. 

All the world's greatest inventions came from open minded people. They thought of something away from the normal and they made it. 

But being open minded with people and their interests is also important. 


My love for Korea and all things Korean. 

Story time:

Once upon a time, my mom had a boyfriend. 
He was the WORST. The absolute worst. There aren't even enough words to describe my disgust with this guy. 

But more than that, this guy lived with us. And for close to 6-7 years.... We all had to hide who we really were from him. Because he was the most close-minded, ignorant person on this planet. 

If we even mentioned anything Korean-related, we'd get so much hatred thrown at us, it was ridiculous. 

I've had this blog for YEARS, but I could never talk about it while he was around. I had to get my mom in private like on car rides or other things to talk about Korean things. The only thing he was slightly tolerant of was Running Man.. And that's because anyone anywhere can love RM. 

Every day we would get labeled as "idiots" for liking something outside of the ordinary. To the point now where my brothers won't even listen to kpop anymore. Only my 17 year old brother. 

There was always a 
"Why the hell would you like something you can't even understand?"
"What is up with your obsession with these people"
or the worst..
"I really wish this phase of yalls would just hurry up and be over already"

6 years strong and I can guarantee you that it isn't a phase. 

At this point, it's a life style. It's a life calling. Not just some phase that will end. 

Long live Kpop!

So yes.. I hate this. *drops mic?*

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