Wednesday, March 29, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 29/30

Dramas I LOVE and can't live without: Secret Garden

Secret Garden will always be among one of my favorite dramas in the world. 

At that time, it was such a new concept. 

Switching bodies? Hello? Would anyone else love to have Hyun Bin's body???????

Plus Hyun Bin was freaking adorable and I loved him. 

(Speaking of Hyun Bin.. I just finished watching "Hyde, Jekyll, Me" and that drama is super amazeballs also and I almost wanted to put it on this list..... It's so hard to only pick 5 dramas I love.)

And of course the whole evil mother in law thing came into play. 

But he gave no cares. 

I could have said a bad word there. 

But I didn't. 

So it's nice to see that even some Kdrama men can go against what their evil mothers think and live happily ever after with the girl they love. 

It's a great drama. I recommend it to ANYONE. 

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