Friday, March 3, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 3/30

Hey there! Day 3 of 30.

So, I'm going to tell you what my 2 favorite dramas are. This is because I can't decide on just one. 


Legend of the Blue Sea

I recently just watched this drama.. (Probably since it's a new drama, duh, what am I saying?)
Anyways.. I binge watched it in a 28 hour time frame. The whole drama.... All 20 episodes.. So much so I even bought a Vikipass so I wouldn't be interrupted by ads... 

I wrote "Afterthoughts" about it:

This drama was really good and the actors were perfect. I like it so much primarily because of the characters they always give Jun Ji Hyun.

She always has really odd and quirky characters. I also like it because South Korea these days is branching out in their drama scene. Using supernatural beings and weird things that aren't necessarily your traditional "K-drama". 

And the storyline as a whole was great. 

And I'm not at all influenced by Lee Min Ho's flawless face...

or Jin Young and his adorable self.


Second is Reply 1994

This drama was actually featured in my series for last month "14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome":

I love all of the "Reply" series. The storylines are so well thought out and sometimes (in the case of 1988) it makes me nostalgic for a time I was never even alive for! 

in this particular drama... the main actress' character was undeniably amazing. She was goofy and funny as crap. And of course her drunk habits were the best. :P

Not to mention other cuties in the drama.

And of course the romance between Trash and Na Jung in the first place. 

And then Jung Woo persuasion. Lawd, yall. 

So yeah those are my 2 favorite dramas. :)

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