Wednesday, March 8, 2017

30 Days of HAS Shanea: Day 8/30

Hey there! Today is day 8 of getting to know yours truly!

So today's is kinda weird.. Not because of what it is or anything.. But because it changes so much it's ridiculous.

8. My favorite song... Currently.

That would be Magnetic by GOT7. Though I will be honest and tell you that I wrote this blog post early... Like February 20 something or other... And my new favorite song has switched to K.A.R.D's "Don't Recall", but since I went ahead and already wrote this out, I feel a little too lazy to go and change it all. 

This song is super cutesy and just lovable. And who doesn't love GOT7?

Except Bunny.. HAS Bunny doesn't really like GOT7. How hateful.

Dance Practice:

Lyric Vid:

So recently this song came back into my life. I liked it when it first came out, but it's one of those songs that I kinda just forgot about. 

These days, I can't stop playing it. I listen to it at least once a day.. Sometimes it's the only song I listen to in a day. 

The song is great, but have yall seen the dance practice? Can you handle the cuteness? I can't.

I think we can all agree that JB looks the best in this practice. Lord, this man. 

Can't... Deal....
Can't... Breathe....
Save Our Shanea.

Hahahahaha. Tomorrow will showcase my favorite song of ALL time. Like the one that I never put on a shelf or forget about.. the one that doesn't change as new songs come out or old songs reappear.

Until then!

Shanea OUT!
*drops mic*

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