Wednesday, March 1, 2017

~ 31 Facts About HAS Glo ~ (Day 1)

About HAS Glo

(Just me being me)

Today, signals the start of a new HAS series. 31 Facts about each one of us. This way, you get to learn everything about us. And I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! Are you scared yet? I hope not. You'll get to see how weird we get, or how simply normal we are. We tend to go back and forth with it all. I like to keep it random. I'm predictable yet, at the same time, not! 

Hmm... Myself ... Well, first of all, know that I'm a woman! hehehe... I'm 24 years old, turning 25 (a quarter of a century old) in April 18th! It's not too far away, I'll probably be working since it's a tuesday, but hopefully I'll get to celebrate during the weekend!!! (I'm so excited, although its still a few months away!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh) 

My favorite color is green and purple!!! 
I'm a crazy person, but I love it and I'm glad I have friends that put up with me! 
I can be normal too, just mostly when I'm sleeping though lol! ;)

(The surprise and excitement)

I have a passion for helping people and seeing a smile on their face. When I was 17 turning 18, I went to school to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant). I did great in class, but not so great during my clinicals. I got to be with the elderly and it was really hard for me to not get attached to them. I got attached to a particular lady, Rose. She ended up passing away while I was on shift. It was horrible. I felt like my own grandmother had passed. I knew that after that I wouldn't be able to continue in the medical field, so I gave up and moved back in with my Aunt in California. 

Knowing that I'm a social butterfly, my aunt suggested that I should try going to Cosmetology school (She was a cosmetologist for 25+ years). At the time, I really didn't know anything about hair, makeup, facials, or nails. Nothing! Nope. But I decided to give it a try. It was fun. I had talent for it ( not trying to brag too much about it lol) I absolutely loved it and still do to this day. 

(My very first updo)

(About to do that haircolor thing)

(I love haircoloring... can you tell?!?! lol )

(Them haircut skills.... Whew.... hotski!!! lol)

After doing that for around 5 years, I decided to try the medical field once more. I went to school for 9 months to become a CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant). I will be graduating at the end of this month, on the 1st! I'm beyond excited to finally be doing something I truly love! 

(Always making new friends)

(EKG's at school... so much fun!! Lol Right!)

(Get Ready, I'm gonna take your blooooood)

(Gotta give blood if I'm taking it lol)

 (Pretty bow after donating, yay me)

(Rocking the sick look at school lol) 


I will talk more about myself as each day passes. Talking about myself in person is more easily done I think that writing. I feel almost like I'm boasting or something. But know this, I do love talking, so I'm sorry if my posts run a little on the longer side!! (>^.^)> Huggles!!! Thanks for putting up with me. 

Enjoy the weirdness that is about to be unleashed from all HAS Writers! 

(Below, is the very first HAS Skype Picture!
Just because I want to share it lol 💓💓💓)

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