Saturday, March 11, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 11)


I don't care if it's online, board game, or video game.  I just love them. 

(This is a great game!!!)

When I was younger, I loved playing scrabble, and my mom bought me this huge scrabble game ... but NO ONE WOULD PLAY WITH ME!!!!! >.< So... I played by myself lol. It was fun! 

I also love playing playing chess!!! I like that you have to think with games. To think about the next move. I've been playing since I was a kid. My aunt and I would play chess 3 times a day. By the time we were done, I had huge headaches but happy to have finally found someone who wanted to play with me lol.
(Silly faces always lol)

(Concentration power on!!)

I LOVE PLAYING THE PIANO!!! I know I know, it's not a game, oh well, I still love playing it. I've been teaching myself on and off how to play it and I can do ok. I do want to start taking classes so that I can play it amazingly lol! 

I also like playing phone games lol. I'm a little obsessed with Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings right now! It's a great game! Besides that, I tend to play draw something, Trivia Crack (It's addictive just so you know) and other fun games! 

I'm a beginner when it comes to playing video games. I used to play NeverWinter and Dragon Age. When I get money again ( cause I'm beyond broke lol) I want to buy a console and a few games to start getting into it. If I ever have the time lol! 

Games are just awesome!!!! =^.^=

(Me playing the piano ... no laughing ... ok ok, you can laugh. I'm not that good lol!!!)

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