Sunday, March 12, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 12)


Ever heard of "If traveling was free you'd never hear from me again?" Well that would be me. I would never stay stationary and travel as much as I could ... But the reality is traveling is NOT free (how dare they) and I haves no moneys either!!! 

Hopefully come April 2017 I'll have a great job and I can start saving up for my awesome trip to South Korea. Believe it everyone. This girl will get there no matter how long it takes her lol. As I get closer to when I want to go, I'll update you and make you jealous! heheheheheh

I'm originally from Mexico. I came to the states when I was adopted at a young age. I've been here ever since. I've traveled a few states, but nothing major. I want to be able to fly across the globe. 
(Do I look Hispanic? Lol)

This year, my biggest traveling would be going to Mississippi and visiting the creator of this blog/website and my best friend, Shanea (or as I call her ... ShayShay Lol) and her lovely mom who is my Wifey and KDQ of this blog. You know it! Lol. I'll also be meeting a new acquaintance, K-Rap and K-Hiphop love Bunny! 

I'm very excited and hope to make it there finally this year! Lol 

So now you know. I love traveling, but haven't done much since Glo is broke!!!! 

Also, this girl (yes yes "traveled" to Seattle (it's only 5 hrs from where I'm from lol)  to watch Epik High!!! It was ...EPIK!!!!

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