Monday, March 13, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 13)

(Free Burrito from Chipotle... My favorite place)

Seriously, I love food!!! Food is so good! Like its the best thing that we humans managed to make lol! 
(Went to sushi with the Bestie!!!!)

(Pizza night at my sister's)

(I like steak when I'm drinking Alcohol lol!!!)

I love all types of foods and always willing to try new foods. I can be a little judgy by the way the food looks and want to not try it. But I will, and wether I like it or not, you'll see it in my face!! 
(First time trying here in WA State)

(Taco Salad, or as I call it Haystacks!!!! Family tradition right there!!!)

(Simple ... chicken and rice .... nom nom nom)

I am one of those people that post pictures of what I'm eating. What can I say, I'm obssessed with food AND pictures!!! Not my fault. I was made this way lol!!! 
(First time trying Greek Yogurt. It was delicious!!!) 

(As it say nommy nommy strawberries!!!!)

(Mmm... nommy Ramen!!!!)

(First time eating octopus... Wow.. I'm in love!!!)

(There are times when I just simply crave a good chicken salad... for a week lol)

(Little Garden Cafe in Spokane WA... Delicious!!!!)

(First time making Kimbap... it was amazing!!!)

(Went out for a celebration!!!!!)

What type of foods do you like? 

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