Wednesday, March 22, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 22)


I don't have an xbox right now (saving up for one) so I play a lot of games on my phone! They're fun! 

Here are a few that I play! 

(This game is Legacy of Discord - My character's name is Kamarai!) 

(This game is Forsaken World - My character's name is Neziana!)

It fun to chill and play them when you just want to have something to do! 

(These are the games that are on my phone! Not that many, lol, or many too many? Hahah)

I wasn't much of person to play games, but I don't know why, but now I have changed and I love playing games ... well learning how to play games lol. I have a LOOOOOONGGGG way to go! Hahah. But I still enjoy it! 

Do you play phone games? 

If so, what type of phone games do you play? 

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