Saturday, March 4, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 4)

Making People Laugh

It makes me so happy when I see others smiling! I just simply love it! Making people laugh can be hard, specially if you don't know them. I know, trust me, I've tried. But it doesn't stop me from continuing trying. 

The way that I found out about making people laugh is literally making fun of yourself or friends. My best friend Jordan and I go out into the public, and I swear, someone is always laughing at us. Not in a mean way, we just seriously do the stupidest and funniest things ever! 

I can't even explain how some stuff I come up with. It literally just happens! It's funny though, when someone tells a joke or makes me laugh really hard, I snort. Lol. and then I just keep on laughing because I can't stop snorting and it's sounds so funny and well yeah! That's how it goes. Omg, I also have a dirty mind. Anything anyone says, I'll legit think of something dirty. Lol. I can't help it and I'll just be laughing so hard at it. (< ~ like that... that sounds dirty omg lol!!!!) 

Do you enjoy making people laugh? I hope you do. It's an amazing feeling. (Plus I heard that you can get abs from laughing .... I'm all for that lol. Gotta loose them pounds lol) 

I enjoy laughter and I enjoy sharing that laughter with other people! 

My favorite guy that makes me laugh like nobody else is Mr. Bean (Real name is Rowan Atkinson) He is unbelievably hilarious! Here are some videos to watch lol! 

Enjoy the laughter!!!! 

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