Monday, March 6, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 6)


I simply just love them! I mean have you seen them? They're freaking amazing! They're loyal, and they love you like nobody ever could! 

( I love them so much ... I became one... hahahahaha)

I've been blessed to be around so many pets! From dogs, to cats, to horses and even reptiles and tarantulas (< Not the biggest fan of spiders or reptiles lol). 

(Ugh.. after I took the picture, this little s*** bit my lip lol)

My very first pet was Nella (full name Vanilla). She was my own pet that I got when I was in California. She had been mistreated from her previous owner and have been used for only breeding. When I got her she was like skin on bones. So unhealthy and afraid if I raised my voice for any reason (like yelling at a video game or the TV). It took awhile, but finally she was able to trust me! I loved her. I still miss her to this day! She will be forever in my heart!

(Her first time seeing snow in the great WA State)

(Our first walk on Sundial Bridge together!)

(She was Blaster -black dog- Stepmom hehe)

(Last picture before she passed away!) 

Right now, I'm taking over my friend's dog lol! His name is Bane and he's the sweetest and cutest thing! lol! She moved out and didn't take him, so I'm calling him mine. He loves me too haha. Follows me around everywhere and even follows me! He's adorable! 

(Just look at his sweet face.. Did you fall in love? Haha! He's super adorable AND SUPER CUDDLY!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!)

My family owned a total of 6 horses. One for each one. Mine was Okie-Dokie! He was a wild mustang and so cute! Haha... He didn't end up lasting long with my family after I moved out because he would buck everyone off! It was so sad, I didn't get to say goodbye! But I'm always hoping he's doing great!

(Korean friends looking at our horses!!! =^.^= 
L~R = My sister, EuJin's Mom, EuJin and Me! )

(Okie-Dokie... isn't he just so good looking?) 

(This is Hope when I first got her! She was terrified, poor thing!)

I don't need a reason to love these gifts from God! They simply make life more bearable! I'm hoping that when I get my own place to get myself a kitten and a puppy. I'm excited!!!!!!!! =^.^= 

(Just for laughs hehe!)

Go ahead and laugh!! It's hilarious and so cute!!!! 

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