Tuesday, March 7, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo~ (Day 7)


I seriously go between the two. One day I'll have a burst of energy and clean everything. I don't mean just pick up some clothes from here and there. I mean I in-depth clean. I will reorganize everything and it will literally take me all day or more! That's why I hate cleaning lol. I can't just clean. I have to do freaking spring cleaning each time! 

(My room is between messy and clean lol)

One thing I do is I'm clean at work but messy at home. I know I know that's bad. But i'm getting better hahaha. Slowly of course!!! 

There's not much to say except that when I'm mad, I do clean everything ... but it takes a lot to make me mad haha! 

(I've found so much money while cleaning lol)

When I was younger and naive, I found out that my aunt Sherry was the same way. If she got mad she would clean the entire house ... and at an incredible speed lol. She was like Sonic the hedgehog lol. It was bad, if she did something to me that made me so mad, I would make her twice as mad so that she would clean and leave me alone. Lol. She would also clean my room and everything. It was great. But after each time I would apologize. Pretty soon she caught on what I was doing and turned it around on me haha. She would make me mad so that I would be the one cleaning instead. I love her so much! 

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