Wednesday, March 8, 2017

~31 Facts About HAS Glo (Day 8)


I love being sarcastic and laughing. Two of my favorite things in the world. Sarcasm just brings people closer to each other I think. 

There are many times that when I'm sarcastic people think I'm being serious because of my Resting B**** Face Syndrome. I just look like I'm mad all the time hahaha! It's ok. I don't mind it at all. 

I enjoy funny memes and just in general laughing. I have the dirtiest mind too. I just can't help it. Anytime someone says something remotely in the dirty section, my mind just goes off own it's own and I just start cracking up in laughter. Many of friends know when I'm laughing while they're talking that I've just thought of something dirty haha. I can't help it!!!! 

So there, you know I have a dirty mind. No judging ok! Lol 

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