Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 Days of Me Day 11

HEY MY LITTLE HOPPERS. So here's to knowing a little bit more about me.

Today is my favorite book! I think I'll go Manga first. I already talked a little about Hana Kimi so I'll talk about my 2nd favorite. :D

A Shojo Beat Manga ..... PUNCH By Rie Takada (by far my favorite manga author by far)

 So this story is about a girl who's mom was a wrestling champion, and her dad was a lightweight world boxing champion. Her grandfather was one of the first Japanese to become the world champion of Muay Thai kickboxing and owns his own gym. But Elle doesn't want anything to do with it. She just wants a normal life as a high school girl away from it all. But events happen and she befriends Kazuki a hot tempered rebel. Her world is turned upside and she learns that her life never was so bad to begin with. This book is only three books long, and I wish there were more. Great book and worth a read for sure.

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