Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 Days of Me Day 29

Omg ya'll just a couple more days... :O

So I have a number of other obsessions as well like Competition shows. So the last three days will be some of my favorites to watch.  For the first of my favorites......


With it's new season (season 6) coming out soon it's only natural that I'd want to talk about it. You guys have heard me talk about this show so much because a lot of the people I've mentioned have been on or won this show. It's one of my favorite Korean shows tbh. And I wish America would come out with some shiz like this....would be LITTTTTTTT just saying. 

My favorite season was probably season 3 with Bobby as the winner but Season 4 and 5 were good too. 
So this show is of course a hip hop based show. The rounds are pretty fun to watch. 
First round is auditions of course. 
Second round contestants have to make past a certain amount of time with out failing form any of the judges. 
Third round the contestants are paired up with others and it's a battle to the death  (so to speak)
Fourth round is where you pick your coaches. How they do this varies, I've seen it where the contestants chose and then the coaches pick which ones they want form them..(what I've seen the most) 
after that it's pretty much a battle for life until there is only one rapper standing. 

Winners!!! (Here's a list by season of the winners)

Season 1
Winner ( we all know how much I love my boy)

Season 2
Soul Dive
I'm going to be honest I thought mad clown won this one. Mainly because, you hear more about him being on this season. I personally only watched this season for Mad Clown lol I'm ashamed. I liked them though.  
Season 3

Oh my dear, sweet, sexy as....let me shhh... WINNER of season 3 under illionare :D

Season 4

This season upset me and got me so conflicted because I mean there is Basick and Mino :'( but Basick took the win for Brand New and I was and still am okay with that. I STILL LOVE YOU MINO!!

Season 5
I was real conflicted about this season to because both the finalist really had my heart. I talked about CJamm and BeWhy earlier but these two have really become some of my favorites. BeWhy's won with AOMG. His voice thought ya'll  I just love him so much!!!!! I could listen to him rap all day and be happy. Below was my favorite round by him.  

With Season 6 just around the corner best believe that I will have a play by play and my favorites. 

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