Friday, March 3, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 Days of Me day 3

Since it's the beginning of the month you might be able to tell I'm doing my first. So today will be my first kdrama.

My first drama is probably the same as a lot of you. Boys Over Flowers. Honestly I started it for the same reason I started Running man, and it brought be closer to my mom. That's a long story, but I wound up falling for it just like all the rest of you. 

My favorite scene is when Ji Hoo and Joon Pyo get into a hockey fight. Ji Hoo was trying to get Joon Pyo to realize his feelings for Jan Di. Poor jealous Joon Pyo.  At the end of the scene Ji Hoo, blood dripping from his lips says," He had a debt to pay he broke my robot."

(^^^ couldn't find a YouTube video, but I found this.) 

I wasn't going to watch this one actually. I really wanted to just stick to Running Man. It was hard enough for me to watch that. BUT! It was on Netflix (still is) and it didn't have commercials ( I hate ads it wouldn't be that bad if they didn't play the same ad over and over again) so I decided to watch it. My mom said it was one of her favorites too so I thought maybe we could connect.

Now that I have gotten into dramas this one is actually at the bottom of my list. Shocker!!! It's not one of my favorites. I like it and I LOVED it back then, but now there are SO many good ones out there this one to me is just a good starter. 

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