Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 days of Me Day 4

So continuing our FIRST's, today is going to be ....... MY FIRST ACTING LOVE!!!!

Kim Woo Bin

So I'm not going to lie I will always have a soft spot for my Woo Boo. He's tall, handsome, and LOOK AT HIS SMILE I JUST WANNA CUDDLE HIM!!!!!!!! I love me some tall men ya'll like mmmmmm... ANYWAY... before I lose myself ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

So I stated before that I have never really read a lot growing up. But I did read Manga from time to time. My favorite manga was called Hana Kimi. 
So can you guess what this has to do with Woo Bin? well this of course. 
Most people forget that he was ever in this drama I feel. So, I've seen EVERY version there is about this manga. Japanese, Taiwanese, and of course Korean. This version was very different from the book. Some things were the same, but for the most part it was different. I liked that. It made it it's own thing. ENOUGH ABOUT THAT THOUGH. KIM WOO BIN. that show was the first time I saw him and he caught my eye. 

so I decided to watch a little more. ....

 MMMM School 2013

But my favorite of all time Drama's with him in it ... 

 What is that you ask? ONLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE DRAMA'S EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
He's had so many good one's Con Artist , 20, Heirs of course. HE'S JUST SO FREAKING CUTE MARRY ME!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will talk about my first Kpop love song :D 

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