Monday, March 6, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 Days of Me Day 6

HEY EVERYONE!!!!! BUNNY'S HERE.  For the next five days I'm going to be talking about. Stuff I listen/watch, when I'm not doing the Korean thing. So like my favorite songs, artists, movies, or shows outside of the Korean scene... Should be fun right?

So first on the "OUTSIDE KOREA"

I listen to a lot of Female Rappers tbh. I don't think that there is enough in the industry so I support a lot of them. These are some of my favorites you may not have heard of them.


Snow is known to be one of the fastest female rappers in the game. I think she's actually signed with Universal, but I'm not really sure. She isn't very big you don't see her on the radio much. But she has some SICK rhymes. She featured on a song of Tech9's that I LOVE called So Dope.

^^^^ favorite right now by her. 

Next person I listen to when I'm not listening to K music. 

Angel Haze

Angel is semi new to me. She's also known as one of the fastest female rappers as well, but to me I LOVE her lyrics. I like when you can tell that someone wrote their own stuff. Snow rights her own stuff too, but to mean Angel's lyrics are about life a little bit more. I actually found out about her when she wrote a rap about writing a letter to her mom. When I tell you I cried for days OMG... 

Next is Lady Leshurr

YA'LL this my girl here ya'll .... KILLS IT ... that's all you need to hear. Who doesn't love a British accent. 

 ^^^^ favorite by her. 

Thats it for today :D tomorrow will talk more about my favorite songs outside of Kpop/hiphop

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