Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 Days of Me Day 9

It's time for another day and today is about what I watch. I love shows lol I even collect box sets of my favorite TV shows. But my ultimate favorite TV show EVER.

Criminal Minds

I have seen literally every episode of this show and own the first 5 seasons on box set. Just to let you know there are 12 seasons. If you follow the show you know Morgan is gone and I literally cried and almost didn't watch it again. But then they introduced
Adam Rodriguez (playing SSA Luke Alvez) you guys may know him from CSI, I can do bad all by myself, or even Magic Mike. I had watched him in CSI and I think even tied it in a tiny bit. (not much but a little) I was actually happy with this Morgan replacement. He makes a good addition to the team and him and Garcia have a great relationship (she loves to hate him) 

Aisha Tyler playing Dr. Tara Lewis. I actually wasn't to familiar with her face, but she plays Lane in Archer (I on the DL love that show). On the First episode with her in it I thought "Who is this chick?" Now I really like her addition to the team she brings a little bit more of the psychological side to it. 
Damon Gupton playing Steven Walker. I actually hadn't heard of him before this show, and to be honest I kinda thought "Where the heck is he going to fit in?" but the more and more he's in the episodes the more and more I fall for his charm. He is the newest addition to the team so you don't know a lot about him yet, but he's a good fit in my opinion. 

I've always been fascinated about the human mind and how it works. If you don't know about this show and never seen it before. A team at the BAU (Behavior Analysts Unit) for the FBI get together and track down Serial killers. Sometimes it's other things like terrorist organizations but most of the time it's serial killers. They are good at what they do to. OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. My all time favorite character is Dr. Spencer Reed played by my boy Matthew Gray Gubler, a boy genius who is pretty much the smartest person on the planet. Not to mention, the hottest thing on the planet. 

His character right now is giving me a heart attack, but I won't spoil it you'll just have to watch. 

Like I said I think this my favorite show of all time! And when it ends or gets canceled I will ball my eyes out :( 

Tomorrow we'll talk about some more so stick around :) 

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