Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hoppin Bunny's 30 days of Me

So to go along with the theme these are some of Bunny's faves and things.
Day 1.

Bunny's first love.

Yong Jun-Hyung

I think I may have said this in my idol post. Yong Jun-Hyung was my first Kpop love EVER. We were married for a good year, or two, but he decided to let TOP have the fluff. It was a sad day. :(  There has been times when I really wanted to be his Harley Quinn again, but the Joker had left the building. When he went blue.
*whispers* he did it better to me.
When he came out with his mini album Flower I was OBSESSED. I had him as my background on my first smart phone ever..ya'll I was all kind of obsessed with this man.
 When he started out singing in this song OMG!!!! I died ya'll.

I first learned of him from Monstar (oddly still one of my favorite dramas and I HATED kpop, I was just a drama girl).
His English though ya'll.... hahaha that's all I'm gonna say. 
 I'm sure lots of people probably know, but he was lead composer for BEAST. So most of the songs that he did on his album, or even BEAST albums were all his. I think what first attracted me to his music was his voice. He's got a very calming voice. Although he's known as the Joker he's not loud, and I like that. I'm a loud person when I talk, or listen to music. I always crank up the volume when i listen to good music (I'm one of those) so I like when it's relaxing soft music I'm bumping. Did I mention he's the same age as me? :D I don't usually find that with K Pop or K Hip-Hop people most of them are older, or WAY younger, so I always relished the fact we were close in age. 

He will always have a little soft spot in my heart I think. No matter how my heart wavers I always go back to my boo. I HEART YOU BOO!!!

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