Monday, March 6, 2017

KDQ's 30 THINGS ABOUT ME!! ~ Day 6

Welcome back to 30 Days of ME!!

Today starts Day 1 of things HATE!


I tend to get REALLY mad at people who are rude. Like being on the road. If you know that there are 2 lanes on the interstate and the signs CLEARLY say that SLOWER traffic stays to the right then why in the hell are you doing 45 in a 60mph zone on the LEFT side??? *Insert road rage face here*

Have you ever held the door open for someone and they didn't even thank you or acknowledge that you just did a simple yet kind gesture? The whole "Men should hold doors open for women" is good, don't get me wrong, but I am a woman and I will still hold a door open for you. If it even looks like you are coming close to a door when I am entering or exiting I will hold the door, no matter what your gender is. It is common courtesy to at least smile and nod if you can't speak and say thank you but don't you DARE make it seem like I owed that to you because in that 20 seconds that I stood waiting for you to get your slow ass over to door, I could have been sitting down in my car!

This one goes to the little terrorists that I have in my house that I just happened to have made myself. If you eat or drink something from the fridge or pantry and it is gone....THROW IT AWAY! Do not leave it sitting there empty so that when I go to the fridge and I see it and my tastebuds are already making me drool because I can taste what I am looking at, and then I pick it up and there is NOTHING THERE. That is grounds for an ass beating. No joke!

OK I think that is enough rudeness for one post! LOL

Come back tomorrow for another "Thing I hate"

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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